The Liebster Blog award

Hey guys! So I don’t know if you remember, but towards the end of July I made a post about how I got nominated for the Liebster award right after I made up my own award. So now, I’m doing that post. Sorry its kind of late, but I need things to post while I was on vacation and this seemed like a good thing to post ūüôā Anyway, lets get started:


I would like to thank Calliope the Book Goddess so much for nominating me! It really means a lot! I don’t know if I’m supposed to put this but Calliope did it so I guess I should, the Liebster blog award is for blogs with 200 followers or less.

The rules:
1) Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award
2) Answer the 11 questions the blogger gave you
3) Give 11 random facts about yourself
4) Nominate 11 blogs you think are deserving of the award
5) Let the bloggers know you have nominated them
6) Give them 11 questions to answer

1. If you could bring a book character back to life, who would it be?

I would bring back Sam CortlUnknown-4and¬†from the Throne of Glass series, or more from the prequel the Assassins Blade. I love Sam so, so much.¬†So I would definitely bring him back to life. Thats all I’m going to say about Sam, for those of you you that haven’t read this series.

2. If you could spend a day with a book character, who would it be?

Would it be okay if I picked more than one book character? I would want to spend ¬†day with Celaena Sordotheien-don’t know if I spelled that right oops- Unknown-5I think Celaena is very cool, but I also love that she has this soft side.¬†I would also want to spend a day with Stargirl, from the book Stargirl. Stargirl is my ideal personUnknown-6. I want to be a Stargirl, I want to be able to be myself around everyone and not worry about being judged. Although, even Stargirl cares somewhat about what people think of her, but none the less I would still love to meet Stargirl. I would also like to meet Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. I Unknown-7think Hermione and myself would get along pretty well, and I¬†think we soon would become great friends ūüėÄ

3. Favorite genre?

Favorite genre, now this is a hard question. I’m just kidding! My favorite genre is fantasy. I love being sucked into a different world.

4. Last book you read?

Currently the last book I read was Since You’ve Been Gone. However, I’m on vacation right now so that might have changed I don’t really know. I do know that Since You’ve Been Gone was very good and I’m trying to schedule a review for you guys- well past me is that is ūüėĬ†Unknown-3

5. Favorite ship?

Favorite ship this one I need to think about, a lot. You see, love triangles confuse me and I usually love all book characters-expect Bellatrix, Bellatrix, Bellatrix, and some others we don’t need to mention-so picking my favorite ship is hard. So, while I don’t think I have a favorite ship I do have some tops. They are:

1. Feyre and Tamlin

2. Sam and Celaena

3. Augustus and HazelUnknown-9

4. Cath and Levi

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†5. Eleanor and Park- at this point I’m pretty much writing ships I can remember and that I wasn’t against

6. Jace and Clary- I still haven’t gotten past book three, and I know they’re siblings but they’re just so cute together. Also do not spoil City of glass or the rest of the series for me

6. Top 5 summer reads you’d take on vacation?

This question is actually hard for me, considering I haven’t read a lot this summer, I’ve been busy guys. So, instead of listing books that I’ve read, I’m going to list books that I haven’t read-the list actually ended up being a mix of books I’ve read and haven’t read- but that I probably ended up taking on vacation. The list is:

1. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

2. Shadow and Bone

3.Sophie’s World

4. Throne of GlassUnknown-10

5. A Court Of Thorns And Roses

7. A book you want to see a movie made of?

Part of me really wants to see throne of glass made into a movie. The other tiny part of my reasoning tells me that if a movie was made then throne of glass would be ruined, and a million tears would be shed during the movie ūüė¶ But I still really want to see throne of glass be made into a movie.

8. If an author was going to add a book to a series, which series?

Um. . .any series? Whenever I finish a book series I feel satisfied for a second and then I start thinking well what else happens? What happens beyond the pages? Fan fiction doesn’t quell my need for more it just makes me want more from the author. So yeah I don’t have a specific book series in mind but I mean anything really, Harry Potter, Throne of Glass-even though sarah j maas is still writing books-, A Court Of Thorns and Roses, and more!

9. E-books or real books?

Real books. I don’t like staring at a screen reading. I love the feel o the pages, playing with my bookmark in the process of reading, the list goes on and on but I’ll spare you. I actually did a post about E-books or real books a while back, it can be found here¬†or you can find it in the archives for the month of may 2015

10. Favorite reading position?

Sitting? Yes, I like to read sitting, woah I know right! Reading while sitting, who would have thought? I’m being sarcastic of course.

11. A book you hated?

Unknown-8Feed by Mt Anderson. I usually don’t hate books, in fact I usually can’t tell the difference between a good book and a bad one. But yes, it is true Feed not only was overrated, but terrible. Maybe its just me, I don’t know. It did win some awards after all. My problems with Feed however, is that I feel like the author didn’t take enough time to explain the world that his characters lived in. I also felt that the ‘conflict’ with the one girl didn’t really feel real. Now, perhaps Feed is just a big metaphor, in which case Feed seems like a cool book, but upon reading Feed for the first time I didn’t get that connection.

Eleven Random Facts About Me:

1. I only started getting into reading about a year ago.

2. I often talk to myself-why am I telling you this?

3. Pretty much every morning I eat whole wheat waffles

4. I have been wearing glasses since the third grade

5. I have an old MacBook Pro that I named Rowan after a book character in the Throne of Glass series

6. The only thing I like to drink is water 

7. I started this blog on April Fools day

8.¬†I don’t like a lot of candy, but I do like¬†reese¬†peanut¬†butter cups,¬†reese pieces,¬†Hershey¬†cookies and cream bars, Kit Kats,¬†Milky Ways, things like that.¬†

9. When I was younger I wanted to be an actor

10. I can laugh very easily, in fact usually when I laugh I laugh so hard that I cry

11. I can’t hold grudges against people-I just can’t!

I nominate:

Erika and Miedjel@Partners in books

Kimberly@ from Narnia to Neverland

S.N Petro @ snpetro

Eva @ Devouring Fictions

And you! If you have 200 followers or less then I am nominating you as well.

Questions for the nominees:

1. What is a song that gets stuck in your head 24/7?

2. What is your go to book genre?

3. When you buy books-that is if you buy books, which I hope you do-do you like to buy one book at a time or a whole bunch of books at a time?

4. Which movie/book/song can you quote without even thinking about it?

5. What is your favorite/lucky number?

6. Which book made you feel a hundred different emotions?

7. Do you have any weird reading or writing habits (perhaps you only listen to soundtrack music when you do these actives, or maybe you look for mistakes while reading, etc.)

8. Which do you prefer, reading or writing? Or maybe both?

9. Who is practically yourself, but as a book character? So basically, a relatable book character. 

10. What is a book that no one likes but you?

11. A book that everyone loves, but that you didn’t like that much?

Thats my questions for the nominees! Now, I’m on vacation still so if I nominated you and you see that don’t freak out over the fact that I haven’t told you about the nomination. If you know I’ve nominated you then feel free to make your post about receiving the liebster blog award! When I get back from vacation I’m going to try and make sure that everyone I’ve nominated is aware of it. Thats all for now book trolls!


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