My patronus!

I finally tok the patronus quiz on Pottermore! And I got  ( Drum roll ). . . . . Russian Blue Cat! I'm happy cats are one of my favorite animals. Honestly, I think it makes sense, I've always thought my spirit animal was a cat, and even though thats not really what a patronus is, … Continue reading My patronus!


Names from Harry Potter; what do they mean?

Okay, to celebrate Harry Potter month heres what some of the characters names mean. Harry: means "from the name harold " Ron: means song in America, and means mighty counselor/ruler Hermione: means "messenger,earthly" Luna: means the moon Neville: means "new town" Sirius: means dog star Albus: means white or bright in Latin Bellatrix: means "female warrior" Thats all for today! If you have … Continue reading Names from Harry Potter; what do they mean?