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E-books Vs. Real books

Hello there I hope your Sunday is going well. Today, I am going to talk about the difference between E-books and real books.


  • Multiple books in one
  • Has to be charged
  • If you drop it the screen can crack even with a case
  • Thiner than books 

Real Books:

  • Dosen’t have to be charged
  • Looks nice on your book shelf
  • It only has one book
  • Harder to bring with you

What do you prefer, E-books or real books? Leave your answer in the comments below. For me I personally like books better but thats just me. Anyway, I hope you have a great week bye!


3 thoughts on “E-books Vs. Real books”

  1. I love real books but I will say, as a recent e-reader convert, e-readers are quite convenient. I enjoy just being able to lay the e-reader on a surface and read it without having to exert the terrible effort of holding it. It makes it much easier to multitask and do things such as eat while you read. The worst thing about them in my opinion is that it is really difficult to flip back to an earlier point in the book if you want to look something up or re-read a certain part.

    I almost forgot my absolute favorite thing about e-readers…you can get books INSTANTLY. Just finished the first book in a 3 book series that ended with a suspenseful cliff-hanger and you can’t wait to start book 2? You are just one click away from continuing the story! No trip to the book store, no fear that the book won’t be in stock, not to mention no risk of buying a bunch of other books that you get distracted with at the store. Definitely a big plus.

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    1. I think the fact that you can get books instantly is a pretty big plus. However,when I read I like to look at the cover a lot especially if the book mentions the title of the book in the book, or if they talk about an object thats on the cover.I also like to show off my books when I get books right after they come out (even though no one rely notices or cares).


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