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Twenty one followers and counting

Hello everyone, how are you? I’m making this post to point out that I’ve gotten twenty one followers! I meant to make this post when I got twenty followers but thats okay πŸ˜‰ I wanted to thank all of you wonderful of followers. I even wanted to give a special thanks to Boy Wonder Charm, who was my first wordpress follower who I didn’t know in real life and who I didn’t follow first. I remember being so happy when he followed me. The day he followed me Flying through Fiction followed me too. So I was just this ball of happiness. I told my friends at lunch that day at school and they said ‘thats great Lucia!’ So, of course when I came up with the nominations for AOBA they had to be in there. But, I also want to thank everyone that has followed me in general, especially those who follow my blog after I follow yours or vise versa ^.^ I will now go into a list of some of you amazing book trolls:

A cup of May

Boy Wonder Charm

Flying Through Fiction

A Fangirls Opinion

Kasims corner

Wretched and Divine

Routine Matters

The Grishsa Lieutenant

Forwards and Bookwords


Diary of a Wimpy Book Worm



Kurt Brindley

Calliope the Book Goddess

Erika in Bookventureland

This way up


Then of course my email followers thank you for following!


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