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Singing, a backstory

Hey everyone! This post is kind of random but I’m listening to Take a Walk by Passion Pit and I’m having such a great time. I’m attempting to sing, I don’t really know if I’m that good at singing. In elementary school I went to this concert thing for singing, it was called All State chorus. Do you guys know about that? I think its a pretty big thing. Anyway, so I guess at the elementary school level All State chorus was a one time thing. So, at my elementary school only five people got picked to go to All Sate. It was kind of funny actually because on the day that our music teacher told everyone about this, I came in late so I walked in to the music room and everyone is just staring at me. I’m laughing while writing this because looking back its just so funny. The thing is though, I don’t like to sing solo in front of an audience I think they’ll say I’m terrible. I don’t mind feedback, but I think saying ‘you should try doing X to improve X singing skill’ is different from saying ‘Your singing voice isn’t good’ and leaving it at that. One can say ‘your singing voice isn’t good’ and then say ‘try practicing more you’ll get there’ but leaving it at  ‘your singing voice isn’t good’ is cold. So, I had pretty bad stage fright. Continuing the story, after going to All State chorus-All State was group singing so I lived and actually and fun-I received an envelope on my desk at school. My music teacher thought I was really good. Inside the envelope was information about Peabody chorus. Peabody chorus is a really good chorus group (you have to audition to get in), they even go international and do competitions and stuff, it even costs money if you get in. So, my music teacher wanted me to audition. She thought I had a good shot at getting in, plus you know how I said five people from my class got to go All State? My music teacher only gave me the envelope. I guess you guys can already guess what happened since this post is called a backstory, huh? Well, I’ll go into detail anyway, so my music teacher offered to help me with my audition. After, a few weeks of practicing the day of my audition comes. I’m so nervous, while I wait. Then I get called in for my audition, and I have to face one of my fears stage fright. Now I wasn’t on a stage, and there wasn’t a lot of people-there were only two, one of which played the piano-but I didn’t know these people and they were purposefully judging me. So at the audition we had to sing two songs happy birthday, and one of our choosing. The song I picked was America the Beautiful. I sang that song okay-ish I guess, but the part I really messed up was happy birthday. How can you even mess up happy birthday? You ask, heres how, so the lady at the piano started playing the tune for happy birthday and the judge was just starting at me. I looked at the judge and asked if I should start singing, the judge said yes and I thought that I was supposed to already known that. I didn’t get in. With that downfall, I started migrating away from singing and took up art instead. throughout the years I kind of told myself that I wasn’t the greatest singer or that I was extremely out of practice. Its kind of sad really. But thats my singing backstory, do you have any cool or interesting backstories? Thats all for now, bye book trolls!


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