Hey welcome to the tags page! I’m going to try and keep this page updated to the best of my ability. Okay so anyway, the tags are shown below:

The inside out book tag

Summer Reader Book Tag

Tags on my To-Do list:

The fireworks tag

The Reader Habits tag

The TBR book tag

Thats it for now, I’ll  do tags as I get tagged or if I see a really cool tag. Sometimes I do Teaser Tuesdays, and if you’re looking for those posts then hover your mouse over tags in the menu and there should be another option on that menu, and all you do is click it. Hope this helps guys! I might make a separate thing or Fasination Fridays who knows! Although in regards to book memes I might take on another but I won’t do book meme after book meme for each week, thats just boring. Sorry if this doesn’t make any sense.


Hows life?

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