just life

As I’m sure you noticed I’ve been very inactive recently. Well, today I decided to check my blog notifications and maybe blog a little. Then I found something weird. . . Apparently I got all these comments on May 30, from people who have never commented before. The comments weren’t spam but they had nothing to do with my blog.

Here’s one of the comments:

One word, WOW! I love the whole theme for the wed­ding, really unique! I espe­cially love the sugar cubes with the love hearts, and the place name tags. And thank you to the bride for telling her story so beial­tu­fulÂy!

It seems like a perfectly normal comment but has absolutely nothing to do with me. In fact, I even got a couple of comments in other languages.

Did any of you experience this? Can anyone tell me how this happened?

Thank you all, that’s all for right now. I’m going to try to blog more so be on the look out ^-^


Hows life?

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