How to motivate yourself to do what you love

You dear reader: I’m so unmotivated from doing what I love, someone help!

Lucia: No need to fear dear reader, for I have five tips to become motivated once again

You dear reader: Oh thank you, you’re a lifesaver!

Lucia: Without further ado, I give you five tips to be motivated!

  1. Use your phone less. Your phone is taking away the time you would normally use to do what you love. But Lucia, how do I do this? First, think about when you would normally use your phone. Then, replace some of that time on your phone doing what you love. It’s hard to start doing this, but once you do it will become habit
  2. Watch motivation speeches or talk to motivational people. Soul pancake is a good place to start. The only downside of this tactic is you might feel too motivated, so use at your own risk XD
  3. Talk to other people that love what you love. Personally, I love blogging, but often times just don’t feel like blogging. Whenever someone I talk to someone on my blog it makes me want to blog more, and then I do 😉 If you don’t know anyone you can talk to about what you love you can always watch YouTube videos on it.
  4. Have set days to do what you love. For example, if you love reading but can’t find the rime in your busy schedule, make Friday (or any other day) your reading day. On Friday set aside time for yourself to read (it doesn’t have to be for a long time either, it could just be for 30 minutes). By making a reading day you’ll look forward to it throughout the week, and you’ll start doing things way ahead of time so as to have less things to do on your reading day.
  5. Start small. If you’ve tried all the above, and you just can’t motivate yourself to finish the book you’re reading, to write that blog post, etc, start small. Do what you love every day, progressively doing it more with each day that passes. Try to do what you love for five-ten minutes on the first day, and increase the time by five minutes each day. This also works for starting new routines, or hobbies.

I hope you guys liked that post 😀 I’m thinking about making Friday’s post on my writing through the ages, so be on the look out for that cringe fest (just kidding, but I did write about some really weird things before so. . . .)

Bye! Have a great day!


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