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Beauty and the Beast movie review


Beauty-Beast-2017-Movie-Posters.jpgTitle of movie: Beauty and the Beast

Length of movie: 2hr 9min

Date released: March 17th, 2017

Onto the review (spoiler free):

Ahhhhhhhh! Where do I even begin?! I saw this movie Friday night (March 31), with my friends and it gave my all the feels. Seriously, after watching this movie my heart was in emotional turmoil. In aa word this movie was magical. The movie had new songs (at least I think they were new?) and old songs and dang, it was fantastic. Be our guest was wonderful. If you’ve ever seen the original Disney cartoon version of Beauty and the Beast, you’ll know that Be our Guest had a lot of flying plates, and lights, and it was just really over the top, in a fun magical way. This movie did it very, very similarly, and I think my heart gave out. Honestly, this movie was sad, and funny when it needed to be, it was just great, I loved it. It was funny, during the movie a person died and a little kid in the theater says “he’s dead” really loud. It was HILARIOUS. You should have been there I laughed so hard! Also some of the old songs were updated, and given a funnier edge, which  enjoyed immensely. I don’t know what else to say about this movie, I already feel like I keep repeating myself!



5/5 Baymaxs, I mean if you read my review then it’s pretty obvious.


To sum my fangirling up:

The actors, the music, the scenes, the story overall, all were fantastic. There was a perfect combination of old and new ideas on how to portray Beauty and the Beast, that made the whole thing feel fresh and new. While some things could have been better (some minor characters-but still important enough- having more scenes/character development) I think the rest f the story made up for this. Emma Watson did a really good job at playing Belle, and in general this movie just made me feel everything. The music was great, and watching all the characters sing felt like actual magic (especially Be our Guest). The castle  where the beast lives was beautiful, absolutely beautiful! Lastly, one last note is that to me this version of Beauty and the Beast felt more cultured. The people seemed to be from a very specific country, in a certain time period, and while the same could be said for the cartoon, I feel like this movie changed the location of the movie and highlighted this more.

That sums ups this post! Stay tuned for another (yes, that says another) post today, a very, very special post 😉

Until then, I hope you all have a great day! If you’ve seen Beauty and the Beast tell me your thoughts in the comments!



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