Harry Potter

My patronus!

I finally tok the patronus quiz on Pottermore! And I got  ( Drum roll ). . . . .

Russian Blue Cat!

I’m happy cats are one of my favorite animals. Honestly, I think it makes sense, I’ve always thought my spirit animal was a cat, and even though thats not really what a patronus is, I still have a bond with cats. I think, I don’t know XD  When I was taking the test I didn’t even have an animal in mind that I wanted, which is really surprising considering I do that for every other quiz. Anyway. . . . I did some research on the Russian Blue Cat and I found that these cats are playful, intelligent, and sometimes they can be shy around strangers. Wow, this is basically me as a cat. . . kind of. Regardless I really like my patronus, but I was wondering how exactly this works. I found out via the interwebs that even if you put the same answers you might get a different patronus than you originally did. How crazy is that?! So to test this I created a new Pottermore account using an old school email, and re took the quiz.

And I got (Drum roll). . . . .




Okay, I can actually see this (not that I couldn’t see Russian Blue Cat, but this patronus also makes sense for me) Dolphin’s are intelligent, social, and a bunch of other things. Apparently there is also a personality type called dolphin and the people who have this personality type are, imaginative, and friendly

So yes, I can see myself as a dolphin, but I see myself as a Russian Blue cat more.

Thats all for now, I will blog again soon, hopefully on Friday.

Tell me in the comments:

Whats your patronus?

Do you like your patronus?

Have you ever gotten a rare patronus?

Do you think your patronus represents you well?

Bye Book trolls! I hope you have a great Tuesday!



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