An interesting encounter

As the thugs corned me, looking like sleek shadows in their dark clothes, I thought of one thing: ninjas.

“Are you evil ninja’s?” I asked intrigued.

“What, no, look lady heres whats going to happen, you give us your money and we won’t hurt you” replied one of the thugs

“Why are you telling me what to do? I will do whatever  I want” I said

“Well if thats the case, we’ll give you to the count of three to give us your money, 1. . . 2-” another thug replied

“Actually, I don’t have any money, or anything valuable”

“What?” questioned a thug

“Don’t listen to her” replied the thug who I took as the leader. I started emptying my pockets, listing the items as I went, “pocket lint, receipt, random piece of string. . . ” After emptying my pocket I looked up to find myself alone in the alley.

I hope you guys liked my short story! I wrote it in my schools writing club. Anyway, thats all for now bye! I hope you all have a great weekend!


Hows life?

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