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My handwriting! 

I thought I’d show you all my handwriting. Here it is:

The above says: Hello book trolls! I thought I would show you all my handwriting 🙂 I don’t always write like this. This is my everyday handwriting. This is my cursive handwriting. It’s not super neat but it works. Anyway I hoped you liked seeing my handwriting! Goodbye! 

The above says: I lied, I’m back! This is my poster handwriting: Hi, I use this for a lot of posters, for headings and such 

What does your handwriting look like? Tell me in the comments! 

That concludes my post for today, I hope you liked my post and I hope you have a great day! Bye!

*PS I finished Three dark crowns yesterday and I wrote half of the review, but I’m going to wait to finish the review until I’ve finished my empire of storms and scythe reviews. 


5 thoughts on “My handwriting! ”

    1. Thank you! I’m pretty sure that’s the first time anymore has complimented my cursive handwriting XD For me, writing in cursive can either help me write faster if I’m not paying attention to the quality of my handwriting, or longer if I’m trying to make my cursive perfect. In this case, I was in between the two, part of me wanted pretty cursive while the part of me didn’t care.

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