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What I’m reading, midterms, and computers 

Hello book trolls I hope you are all having a great day! Unfortunately, I have midterms this week, but the good news is I have half days. That being said, have you seen my new front page and/or header? I don’t know if I should keep Lined Paper or not, I like the title but I think it may be confusing considering my blog is called Reading with Lucia. Tell me your thoughts in the comments! 🙂  Moving on, I am currently reading two books: Three Dark Crowns, and Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold. I got the second book a while ago from book publicity services in exchange for an honest review, and I finally have more time to read it. All I can say right now is that the book is pretty funny (although I’m only some 50 pages into the book). I’ve finished reading one book this year: Sycthe. I plan on reviewing it but I still have to finish my Empire of Storms review! Speaking of writing, I’m writing this post on my phone (so please bare with me if there are a ton of errors), because Rowan (my computer) died a week or two ago. R.I.P Rowan you were a good computer. That’s all I wanted to say today. I hope you guys have a great day!


Hows life?

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