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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child expectations

Personally I have high expectations for Cursed Child. My only concern is that its not fully written by JK Rowling, its also written by other people. I’m really excited to read it, and I’ve been keeping away from spoilers. I really hope they make it a movie (Probably unlike but one can hope) or at least have the play in other countries (US, Canada, etc. ). Also if they decide to that I hope the tickets aren’t expense because I don’t have a lot of money and I don’t think my mom would buy me tickets. Anyway, I’m super excited for this! I can’t wait to see what Harry Potter’s life is like now! I hope we see some of the other characters from the HP books like Ron, Hermione, Luna, Ginny, etc. I just can’t wait for this, when my stepdad old me about this I thought he was kidding at first! Thats all for this post bye!


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