Harry Potter Beautiful Covers day

Hello book trolls! There are so many different Harry Potter covers. I’ve picked out some of my favorite HP covers so lets begin!harry-potter-olly-moss-philosophers-stone.pngimages-14.jpgimages-13.jpgimages-16.jpgimages-15.jpgimages-12.jpgimg-thing.jpg

Now don’t get me wrong, the original covers are just as good but I can’t help liking these more. These book covers are my personal hand picks out of many different covers. I like the style of the covers a lot more than the traditional US covers.

What are your favorite Harry Potter covers?

Do you agree/ disagree with my choices?

Tell me in the comments!

If you wish to participate in my HP month see the schedule here. Bye!


7 thoughts on “Harry Potter Beautiful Covers day

  1. Rivka Ray says:

    I love this covers! I like seeing what book covers look like around the world. Personally, I dislike the original American covers, especially The Camber of Secrets and The Prisoner of Azkaban. I was able to guess how the characters were able to escape their situation because it was depicted on the covers!!

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    • lucia says:

      I know right? I don’t really like the original US covers either. Whenever I see a pretty cover in a different language I wish I could read in that language.


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