harry potter month

Harry Potter favorites

Hi book trolls! Today I’ll be talking about some of my Harry Potter favorites.

favorite book: I don’t know its been a while since I read the books but probably Prisoner of Azkaban or Half Blood Prince.

favorite female character: Hermione or Luna.

favorite father figure (to Harry) : Sirius Black.

favorite pet: Hedwig

favorite mythical creature: Therstrals, or maybe Buckbeak

Favorite character in general: Harry Potter

Those are all the favorites I can think of right now!

I hope you liked this post! It is a part of my unofficial Harry Potter month. I made a schedule here for those who want to participate in HP month and/or just know what I’ll be posting this month. 

Bye book trolls and have a great Harry Potter month!


2 thoughts on “Harry Potter favorites”

  1. My favorite book is Goblet of Fire, because that when things started getting real.

    One of my favorite characters is Professor Snape! You think he’s bad but then he’s good! And he’s so good at seeming bad.!


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