Reading books before seeing the movie, a discussion

Hello everyone, I’m just going to jump right into this one.

A lot of readers think its bad to watch a movie before reading a book. When I first started reading  I thought that too. I thought that everyone thought that. Then I started thinking otherwise. While I do enjoy reading the book over seeing the movie, sometimes I think its better to watch the movie first. I know what some of you might be thinking ‘but Lucia thats awful! the book is so much better!’ but hear me out. Yes the book is most of the time better than the movie. But when I read the book and then watch the movie I can’t enjoy the movie. Instead I sit there for 90 minutes and think ‘that wasn’t in the book, that person didn’t look like that, that didn’t happen in the book’. And that is truly annoying. It means I can’t even focus on the movie. Now whenever I see a book to movie adaptation I tell myself that this [the movie] is  just someone else take on a book. That they just took the idea of the book  and changed it into something new  and different. That is what I tell myself when I read the book first. There are those times however, when I don’t need to tell myself that, because the movie meets my expectations. 🙂

Anyway, thats my thought on that subject. I hope it made some sense. In the comments tell me if you agree/ disagree. Bye!


2 thoughts on “Reading books before seeing the movie, a discussion”

  1. My friends are divided on this one! I know some people who will not read the book before seeing the movie. As for me, if I intend to read the book, I will read it before I see the movie. Once I know the end of the book, it is less interesting and I have a harder time getting through it. The good thing is I’ve never been a book purist. I’m okay if the book and movie are different. I can still enjoy them both. Though, the more I loved a book, the more picky I am about the movie. But if the book was only “like” anyway, I will probably like the movie as well.

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    1. That makes sense. For me personally it also depends on how well I remember a book. If I remember a book very well then I tend to be picky no matter what 😉


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