Types of Readers part 1

Hi book trolls! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I meant to blog on Tuesday but my power went out, and yesterday I was lazy so…. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while. Lets cut to the chase and get into it!

1.One series/book pony 

This is the person that claims to be such a ‘big reader’ but has really only read one series/ book (not including books read for school,work,etc.).

2.Popular books only

As the title suggests this reader only reads popular books. This doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy books, they just don’t find themselves reading much.

3. The Planner

 This reader pre orders books way in advance. They keep tabs on when new books are coming out/ book fairs/author signings and/or meetings. When it comes to books this reader is very organized.

4. The Improver

This reader loves reading and wants to share that with other non readers. This reader tries to improve others reading situations. They will suggest books to others and won’t stop till they read all the books suggested.

5.The shorter the better

This reader gets intimidated by big books. They like small books or better yet no books at all. They can be very stubborn to  others book suggestions, and it takes a lot to convince them to read.

6.Faithful Fangirl/boy

This reader like the improver loves reading. They have their favorite books and are willing to stick up for them. They buy all the books (including coloring books) in their favorite series.

That wraps up this post! ^.^

Should I make more of these? 

Tell me your thoughts in the comments!


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