just life

Pinterest is evil

So I got myself a Pinterest account. Not to look at crafts or anything, but for the following situation:

Trying to draw something 

Looks up that something

Finds really awesome guide that answers all calls

Clicks on image

Is sent to Pinterest

Pinterest says something like ‘Login or Sign up to see this!’

Now I had had enough of these annoying messages. All I want is to see the image not sign up for your site. But I sign up anyway because I realized I just couldn’t keep this up. 

I didn’t expect to use Pinterest much unless I needed to draw something, but no. I started poking around and eventually looked up Throne of Glass. Normally, my fangirl levels are inactive, or only active enough so as not to cause harm to me or others (I should make a post on this). But see, looking up fandoms especially fandoms that are still going strong can spike your fangirl/boy levels. Not to mention it is a distraction. But anyway, my point, simply is Pinterest is evil!

Thats all for this post bye!


Hows life?

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