Bookish rants: when the summary of a book ruins the book

You know what I’m talking about. You’re at a book store, or at the library, and you pick up a book you know nothing about. You read the summary on the book, then start to read it. You then realize the book was spoiled for you, by the summary. What’s worse is when the book is a sequel you’ve been waiting to read. This is so frustrating, and I don’t know why publishers would want to cause us this much pain. I get the book might not sound good if you don’t know spoil it a little, but come on publishers are paid ( well maybe not publishers but whoever writes these summary) to write top notch summary said that are interesting. The summary does not have to be filled with spoilers to sound good.

What do you guys think? Does this bother you? Tell me in the comments! That is all for this post.


8 thoughts on “Bookish rants: when the summary of a book ruins the book”

  1. This REALLY bothers me. I can’t remember which book it was, but I remember finishing a book and thinking “well there was no point me spending all that time reading it, the synopsis summed it up for me!” Personally, I hardly ever actually read the summary before reading the book. I usually go off the genre, and how other people on booktube for example sum it up, because they won’t say spoilers. When I upload reviews, because I upload the synopsis with it, there’s usually a different one on the back cover to the one on Goodreads, so I always choose to write the one that reveals less, so people are more surprised. If that makes sense?


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