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Stand Off Review * SPOILERS*

Author: Andrew Smith
Pages: 401
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Series/standalone: series book two-last book

Summary~ may include spoilers to first book, see summary here~

Ryan Dean is returning to Pine Mountain, in his senior year he’ll be rooming with a 12 year old freshmen. Whats worse? His roommate is claustrophobic. Ryan Dean can just feel something bad’s going to happen. West still hasn’t gotten over the passing of his friend, and what should happen when he meets his kid brother Nico?

Review-major spoilers if you haven’t read this book jump into the everyone review. 

This book made me happy and sad, and emotionally wrecked. I think I read this book to fast. I read this book in a day. the words ripped me apart and I had to take it all in one giant blow. We have Nico who’s a spitting image of Joey, and that just killed me. Then we also have Sam who we hate because Ryan Dean hates him so of course we hate him. Then we start to like him because he is just like Ryan Dean. I think their interactions were hilarious,

“Did you remember to brush your teeth Ryan Dean?”


I thought the doctors at Pine mountain were unhelpful when Ryan Dean told them he couldn’t sleep. They just dismissed him. Who does that?! Then Joey. Oh my gosh, throughout this book we are reminded of Joey. Coach M wants west to fill Joey’s role and be team captain. Then west breaks into O-hall. *cries* Tell Rya Dean what? Oh that Joey was in love with you of course. But being a good person he didn’t want to mess up your friendship. Oh Joey. . . 😦

Everyone review

This book was fantastic. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. But read the first book first, and be prepared to be discombobulated after you read this.

My rating


5/5 Baymaxs- probably more like 100/5.


This book was a everything a sequel should be. It was not a disappointment compared to the first book, and it didn’t make me completely forget why I liked the first book. It offered a nice balance and I loved it.

Thats it for this post book trolls! I finally finished typing up this review! Just to be clear, I wrote this review in a notebook right after finishing this book.


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