If you give a book troll a book-ish gift card

Did you guys ever read the book ‘If you Give a Mouse a Cookie’ when you were younger? No? Well this is my version. With crazy book trolls. Let’s begin.

If you give a book troll a gift card, they will be very happy.

They will want to go shopping.

They will think of the perfect books to buy, and the presisce month to buy them. 

They will want to stock up on gift cards

If they are nice-or need a ride-, they might ask you to come along

And I guess thats it for this very short post! One last thing before I go. . . I inverted the colors on my laptop! I just like that apple has this feature because it looks cool. Here is a picture:

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 5.11.51 PM.png

Pretty neat huh? By the way that picture is a snapshot of the creation of this post. What? I don’t know how to create comprehensible sentences. Anyway, thats all for now book trolls, bye!


Hows life?

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