just life

Using sims to fangirl

Hi guys! I know I’ve been lax on blogging-again-but I want to tell you something cool-ish. So I bought Sims 2 pets on the app store for macs-if you play Sims I don’t want to hear about how out dated Sims 2 is it’s the only option I had them-and I’ve been playing it a lot. I originally had families and junk but I had to delete and reinstall the game-the game acted a little funny-after reinstalling all my progress-after like 4 days- was gone. Was I sad? A little, but I saw this as an opportunity, to make Sims for book characters! I’ve only made one so far but I’m working on the second. I wanted to show you guys a picture but I can’t figure out how 😛 Anyway, I made Cress and she looks pretty good! I guess thats all for now 😉


Hows life?

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