What I watch on Youtube

Hey guys! Today i’m going to talk about what I watch on youtube, I know, I know, I can already hear you guys going: really Lucia? What you watch on youtube?

I know it might not sound cool or exciting but I watch some really cool youtube chanels I think you guys should know about.

  1. TED-Ed, (or regular TED talks) I love these videos because they’re animated one, and two they’re quick and informative. They have videos like why do we dream,  and why are some people left handed.
  2. booktube, -for those of you that don’t know booktube is is just a term for where people talk about books on youtube-some of the book tubers I like include, polandbananasbooks, the book basement, and katytastic. I actually haven’t watched booktube in a while . . .
  3. It’s okay to be smart, this is kind of like TED-ED but with a little more science beheind it.
  4. Super Carin brothers, more specificly they’re movie theories. I love movie theories! Mostly because I hardly ever pick up on the kinds of the stuff the people makign teh theories do.

And thats pretty much it. Did you watched any of the videos I mentioned or vist any of the chanels? What are your favorite youtube chanels? Tell me in the comments! Bye book trolls!


Hows life?

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