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Gunnerkrigg Court webcomic review SPOILERS!

Hey everyone its time for a review! This is slightly different than my other reviews since I’m reviewing a webcomic-it’s still going on so I’m reviewing whats online so far. Lets get into it!

Author: Tom Siddell

Pages: varies with each chapter

Series/stand alone: Series, content is updated on website and volumes come out at a later time


  A long time ago the creatures in the forest and the humans lived together, but there were many issues. The humans and creatures of the forest were divided, and a river was put between the human’s territory and the creature’s (there’s a bridge to get to the sides but you have to have a reason to cross it). The humans side of the river-also known as the court-is similar to a city. In the court is a boarding school called Gunnerkrigg Court, were most of the students don’t know about the creatures across the bridge. Antimony’s mom’s last wish was for her to get an education at Gunnerkrigg Court. Antimony quickly learns that Gunnerkrigg Court is not what it seems. She will learn things about herself that seem untrue, unreal even.


*There are going to be so many spoilers so just go to the everyone review if you haven’t read this webcomic/aren’t caught up. Trust me you won’t understand if you haven’t read it*

Where do I start! I’m embarrassed to say I almost didn’t read this. I didn’t like the style of the art at first but I’m soooo glad I took a chance on this. The style developed over time and I really like it know! I loved the foreshadowing of Annie retaking ninth grade. I loved the suspense of when Annie’s dad was their new biology teacher. I mean what?! Kat and Paz are so cute together! I love them! I love how all the robots call Kat the Angel, and ask to see the tomb. Oh! I like how at they meet a minotaur. I don’t understand Annie seemed so well off then and smart, but then she failed ninth grade. I guess it’s not her fault she was in a hospital most of her life. This is really random but it was so sad when Annie was telling Kat she had to be her mom’s afterlife guide. Then she took Mort too. .  . 😦  Did you know Renard is the french word for fox? I felt ashamed I didn’t know that right away since I’m taking french and we’re learning about animals. Anyway, Coyote! I love him and hate him at the same time.  He’ll do something completely stupid and then be kind again. I liked the part where the comic looked like Egyptian hieroglyphics and it was talking about Annie not going to the forest and how Coyote was mad. It said something like Coyote was angry that fire head girl did not visit him so he knocked down a building. XD  There is so much to talk about but I’ll wrap up with William. I think it’s funny how William started off teasing Annie, and then two three years later wants to ask her out. Don’t even get me started on the bowling scene. But I’m slightly confused because I thought Janet and William were going out. I don’t know. 😛  Oh and one last thing for real this time! I love how Annie has a group of friends. I think it’s really nice because she only had Kat before, and I love Kat but I’m just happy she’s accepted. Yeah friendship!

Everyone Review:

Everyone should read this! I mean it’s super easy to read since it’s online. It is long but it is awesome! There are so many characters and action and just everything! This book has everything! It has slight bits of romance without taking away from the story. It also has fantastic foreshadowing, you won’t even know somethings foreshadowing until later. That’s how good it is. Take Harry Potter, and Throne of Glass, and you’ll get this series (I might be stretching this but hey it has magic, awesomeness,  and dragons-well one at first). Anyway, go read this! I’m sure you all ready know my rating but here it is:



I loved the art in this webcomic so much. It changed and adapted and I really like the result of the change. It’s funny and sad and has twists and turns. You never know what to expect, it’s just a smash of what I love but different-in a good way. It’s not totally the same as everything else. I’m addicted to this! I read the whole series-well whats out now-in a couple of days. I had to force myself away from the computer because I was getting a headache and needed to have a life again. Thats how good this webcomic is. But yeah you should consider that this is addictive, but chances are you’ll love it. Then you can come back here and we can talk about it! 😉

Thats all for now book trolls! Two posts in one day wow! *Cough* one was scheduled *cough*. But I wanted to post this before Friday because I think thats one of the days the site is updated. This webcomic is also why I’ve been lax on blogging, sorry guys! But now you to shall become addicted mwahaha! Just kidding-kinda, just go read this comic! Go! Why are you still here!



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