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Webcomics, rainbow pancakes, and new catch phrase

Hello everyone I hope you’re doing triple the fantastic!  well. I know I’ve been lax on blogging but let me tell you why. I’ve discovered webcomics and all I want to do is read them and then I get a headache from looking at Rowan-computer- to long. But what webcomics am I reading? Let me tell you!

Plume-finished this one already, well whats written so far

Octopus Pie

Gunnerkrigg Court– this one is great I’ve already read two volumes worth of comics

and I read the first page or so of Spindrift

I also started reading Homestuck but its really long so I won’t finish it soon. The drawing style took awhile to get used to but I do like the story and the websites save button-this way when I open the website I’m right where I left off in the story. Also Homestuck has a really slow start but don’t skip pages like I did. ^.^

Now onto rainbow pancakes and my new catch phrase.


You may wonder rainbow pancakes? Why would anyone want rainbow pancakes? Look at this picture and tell me you still don’t want rainbow pancakes.



I got rainbow pancakes this weekend and I was so happy. Now the picture above isn’t of my rainbow pancakes but I tried okay! Although I must admit looking up rainbow pancakes made me hungry for colorful food.

Now for my new catch phrase! My catch phrase is To Die [insert disliked thing/person *cough* Bobby Flay *cough* here]! I came up with this watching food network with my stepmom. I really dislike Bobby Flay because I feel he’s an over marketer, so I said ‘To Die Bobby Flay!’ and it just stuck-well it will probably be gone in a week but give me some credit.

Thats a wrap! Do you read webcomics? Have you read any that I’ve mentioned? Suggestions? Do you eat rainbow food? Are you more likely to eat colorful pancakes then regular ones? (I should do a science fair project on that next year) Do you like my new catch phrase? Tell me your answers in the comments!





Hows life?

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