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We All Looked Up book skit review ~spoilers~


Title: We All Looked Up

Author: Tommy Wallach

Pages: 370

Publisher: Simon and Schuster







They’ve got to months before Ardor, an asteroid, comes and destroys their world. Just two months to leave their labels behind, to realize that we aren’t so different from each other. This book follows the most unlikely of friends, bonding right before their time runs out.  We All Looked Up is about finding the best of friends in the most unlikely of places,  through romance, twisted chaos, and action.

Onto the skit review!

If you haven’t read this book I suggest skipping this part and reading the everyone review, or read the bolded print only. Also, I’m going to create dialogue for the different characters as well as my reactions

So I start reading this book and I can’t help but wonder. . . 

Me: how big is there school? It sounds awesome, must be a private school-only it isn’t

Then You’ve got this Peter guy who’s all like . .  .

Peter: Eliza I don’t know you but I’m in love with you, after a ten minute conversation with you

Then theres Andy who says stuff such as . . . 

Andy: I broke my pact with Bobo, my parents don’t care about me, my life’s so complicated but I never care to explain

I actually feel really bad for Andy but I wish the author cared to explain just how complex his life was. I also feel bad for Anita but the author painted a better picture of her life for us. 

Eliza the photographer/ party planner:

Eliza: I’m in jail let me make this plan to get people to break us out. Oh and I’m going to make a wicked cool blog and plan the party at the end of the world, no biggie. 

Eliza you are awesome! No one really understood here though, I think that what this books all about, dumping your labels. 

And to top it of . . . 

Anita: Everyone thinks I’m just this overachiever, but I just need a friend. I want to follow my dreams, not someone else’s. But, I believe I just did that! 

Anita my heart and soul goes out to you. You ran away from home, after being forced to do what your parents wanted. Good for you, getting out there following your dreams if only for a month or two! 

Everyone review:

This was an overall good book that I would recommend to most.


4.5/5 Baymaxs

4.5/5 Baymaxs- a good book with a couple problems. Perhaps not everyones cup of tea but if you’re looking for a book with some action, some romance, and lots of friendship then this ones for you.

Why 4.5/5 Baymaxs:

I did like this book but there was a romance between a couple of people that moved really fast and seemed a little unrealistic at times. But other than that it was fine!

That sums up this post, bye book trolls!

P.S sorry this post is on Tuesday and not the regular second Thursday I had to move some posts around 😉










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