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The Wicked and the Divine vol 2 review SPOILERS

DSCN0740 (2)

Book: The Wicked and the Divine vol 2 Fandemonium.

Authors: Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie (Illustrator), Matt Wilson (Colorist),Clayton Cowles

Genre: graphic novel

page count: really? You want me to count all the pages?! Just kidding its a skinny graphic novel.

What its about (from Goodreads, if you’ve read other reviews you know how I feel about this but I’m writing this before I go to school) Oh and don’t read this if you haven’t read the Wicked and Divine and plan to. 

The second volume of the award-winning urban fantasy series where gods are the ultimate pop stars and pop stars are the ultimate gods. Following the tragic and unjust death of Lucifer, it takes a revelation from Inanna to draw Laura back into the worlds of Gods and Superstardom to try and discover the truth behind a conspiracy to subvert divinity. Includes issues 6-11 of the series, plus supplementary material

My thoughts-we are entering the fangirl/ Spoiler section of this post beware! If you don’t want to be spoiled skip to the everyone thoughts part or read the bolded print only. 


To properly express my emotions reading this book I will do a skit.

Me[reading this book]: wait, wait hold it Cassandra, Cassandra’s a god but they’re only twelve and Laura has to be a god.

Me[reading last couple chapters] baphomet you better not kill Inanna! You hear me don’t do it, the others will find out and the they’ll kill you. Is that what you want?

Me[reading last couple chapter con’t] I KNEW IT! She’s a god! And she’s Persephone. I guess it makes sense because Persephone wants to shine but she’s trapped int the underworld. Am I reading into this to much? But wait. . . wait she’s going to get murdered isn’t she? Thats not fair! I wonder. . . is her murder evil, I mean she did kill Laura’s parents too. . But also you can’t kill the main character! However, I was flipping through the first volume and the Morrigan said Annie would come for her soon so. . ..

Me[reading very last chapter] why is it so black thats all it is just a blank page *cries* I need the next one!

So thats my very short reaction, It was amazing in a sense.

Everyone review:



Recommend to all this book is great and even those who don’t like reading will like it. Bye guys 😀 Have a good day!


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