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Graphic novels and Goodreads

Hello everyone! One: I lowered my Goodreads book goal to 100-like I said I’ve never done this before so I don’t know my average books read per year-and two: I’m counting thin graphic novels as books towards my goal. Is this cheating? I mean they have  these graphic novels on Goodreads so. . . Also, its not like I’m just going to read graphic novels. Love to hear your thoughts! Also if you want me to read any graphic novels comment below- I got a bunch of graphic novels for Christmas so I’m on a graphic novel binge. Oh and one last thing, or really tech question. This question is directed to those with Net galley accounts. How do I download and read Net galley books on my computer? The tutorials on Net galley don’t help. And if this helps, I have a mac. 

If you can answer my question please tell me the answer! I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while, reading books before they come out sounds awesome. Bye guys!


4 thoughts on “Graphic novels and Goodreads”

  1. I don’t remember exactly how to download it, but I’m pretty sure I read Netgalley books as a pdf on my computer. I can look at it tomorrow and get a more clear answer to you.

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      1. Super sorry for not getting back to you sooner!! Okay, so what I do is go to the book page on NetGalley. It should have a button that says something like “download protected PDF.” If you want to download it to kindle, you have to add your kindle email (I didn’t know those existed either – you can find it on your Amazon account) to your NetGalley profile. Then you will have a “Download to Kindle” button. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.

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