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My Goodreads Book goal for 2016

Oh hello! You might have noticed-if you’re reading this from my renovated blog- that I’ve set up my Goodreads reading goal. Now let us not forget that I didn’t even have a Goodreads till November. So naturally, my 2015 goal went down the drain-I was mostly to lazy to go back in and click on all the books I’ve read. But for 2016 I’m hoping to read 200 books! ~Que party horns-thing below-did you know thats what there called? I typed this into the search bar: ‘what are those things called that you have at parties and wheimages.jpgn you blow into them they get longer?’ and Google actually knew what I was talking about!~Now I’ll most likely change that goal of 200 books within a month or two. Or maybe now, should I lower it to 150? I don’t know how many books I read per year so. . .

Anyway that just about wraps up this post! Goodnight everyone! Or good morning? I guess its morning somewhere right?  Heh heh, for those of you getting this at one am and receive some kind of alert to wake you up, well thats my evil plan. Maw Ha ha. . .

P.S. Finals are in two week, sorry if I’m absent these next two weeks. It’s on my agenda to schedule some posts 😀


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