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Christmas book haul and other gifts pt 1


Hey everyone! I know this post is late-I might do a post showing my black Friday haul too-but better late than never, at least I think thats how it goes. Well, here it goes:


DSCN0743 (2).jpg
Readingwithlucia pictures: Chi’s Sweet Home part 1

First: The complete Chi’s Sweet Home Part 1. This is a manga about a cat, its very funny XD

Readingwithlucia pictures: Everything that makes you

2:  Everything that Makes You by Moriah Mcstay. Realistic fiction book about the same girl but with two stories. And just look at that cover. . . I actually got two copies of this book.

DSCN0745 (1).jpgDSCN0744 (2).jpg

3:  Ms. Marvel issues one and two. Issue one: no normal. Issue two: Generation Why.


DSCN0740 (2).jpg

4:  The Wicked and the Divine the Faust Act and Fandemonium. Both Graphic novels about gods.

So, I got a whopping of six books. But I might get more from my dads house. Now I’ll tell you about some of the other stuff I got.

Baymax hat this is the best-sorry for the lack of photos-its white and has the face of a Baymax.

Circuit scribe drawing circuits kit.  Photos:


DSCN0734 (1).jpg
Readingwithlucia pictures: circuit scribe drawing circuits kit

I lit up a light in the above photo using the kit and a sheet of lined paper. the kit includes the pieces on the paper, a pen with special conductive ink and more! Its really cool.

Thats all for my Christmas haul and other gifts part one. I’ll get back to you guys with part two-well if I get really cool gifts or books, we’ll have to see how well my dad does 😉

Bye guys have a good Wednesday at least the rest of it.


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