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Peeps book review

ReadingwithLucia pictures. Peeps by Scott Westerfeld


author: ScottWesterfeld


publisher: razor bill

series/standalone: series book one




There are stories of vampires, but the fact is they’re REAL.  But being a vampire means having a diaese that is likely to make you crazy. Well, unless you’re just a carrier of the diesase like Cal. Cal was just an average ordinaray guy from Texas who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He lost his virginity in a night he hardly remembers, and became a carrier. It took him a whole six months to become aware of his diease. Sadly, in those six months he’d infected several people with his diease. After all, the easiest way to spread the diease is kissing.

My thoughts Spoiler free:

I’m doing a slightly different review today as this is less of a book talk than usual. I’m not listing characters and events, but talking about what I liked and disliked.

I liked: the paranormal theme without the story being full out ‘paranormal’. the writing style is easy to follow.

I disliked: the set p of the book. Every other chapter would be about some parasite. So the story would progress and you would learn about something unrelated in the next chapter -.- The story also progressed slowly. It took me a week to read this from lack of interest. When I was interested I had no problem finishing it, but it just had a slow start.

Recap and final review:

I would give this book 3/5 Baymaxs-sorry about the lack of photo I was a tad lazy. The story had some chapters that seemed as ‘fillers’, not really adding much to the story. Scott’s writing is delightful , but he took a while at gaining my interest. The story had a good ending though. I would recommend the is book to someone who’s into biology. If you like biology then you would like the ‘filler’ chapters about parasites. If you have nothing to read but this book than go ahead. Thats how I wound up reading it. If you’re in a reading slump but don’t really dig biology but you do like paranormal stuff then I would try this book as a last resort. Its a good book but like I said its a little slow in the beginning.

Thats it for my review of Peeps! I hope you enjoyed it, and if you’ve read it tell me your thoughts down below. If you guys have any suggestions of books to read you can tell me below too! Bye! Have a very merry Monday! Well for the rest of it. . .


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