Guess who’s back. . .

I’m back! After school projects, the holidays and my crazy busy life has passed I’m finally back to blogging. It feels soooooooo good to be back. I’ve missed you guys a lot. I even started thinking of blog posts in my mind. Now that I’m back I’ve realized a thing or two. One: wordpress looks really different and two: the tag I created a while back-predict my life in books tag- is catching on. I’ve been getting emails saying: new pingback awaiting moderation. But I didn’t realize just how much it was catching on until now 😉  This is big news to me and I love you all for simply reading my blog (and to those of you who got tagged from someone other than me to do the tag but mentioned my existence thanks! 😀 ). Now that I’m back you’ll be seeing a whole lot of reviews, think of it as my gift to you guys. Oh and one last thing before I go. It turns out that I have 200 likes?! What?! Now some people would be happy with that many followers-me-but still 200 likes!? I just like to reflect and thank everyone whose stuck bye me even though I was very absent these past two months. Bye guys!

P.S. I’m spending the night at my friends later so I might not be as connected to you all. That doesn’t make much sense XD

P.P.S. On a random note I started a blog with my friend we don’t even have a name we mostly just want bragging rights

just looked at my stats I thought they would be a terrible zero for every week I was inactive, but most days I had at least one view *cries happy tears* I love you guys so much! If you a got a nickel for every time I said that you would probably have a dollar now


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