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Counting by Sevens review

Hello everyone welcome to the Counting by Sevens review!

count by sevens

Title: Counting by sevens

Author: Holly Goldberg Sloan

Series/standalone: Standalone

Publisher: Scholastic

My edition: hardback

Pages: a number 300-ish

Extras/tips: There is talk of this book turning

into a movie, release date is unknown


Summary, from my brain:

Willow Chance is different. I mean everyones different but Willow, she’s special. No not that kind of special, she’s highly gifted. She lives in an area with not a lot of rain, and yet she has a garden equipped with tropical flowers in her backyard. Willow doesn’t fit in much though. By kindergarden, she was telling her teacher how dirty it was to sleep on the floor at nap time. Willow’s going in to middle school, and she’s transferred to a new school, a fresh start. But things just get worse, she’s accused of cheating on a test after getting a 100 precent on it, and she arrives home to find her adopted parents died. In the chaos Willow doesn’t know what to do. Join Willow on her journey to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Everyone Review:

 This was a very good book, it had its sad parts it had its funny parts. I would highly recommend this book to readers and non-readers. Willow is a very realistic character even if you aren’t highly gifted. I really liked watching Willow grow, and change.

Crying meter:

there was little to none crying while reading Counting by Sevens

I thought I should add I crying meter in the review so I did 🙂

Overall, my rating was:

4.5/5 Baymaxs
4.5/5 Baymaxs


This was a really great book and I really enjoyed it. It had a really nice ending that reminds you that not every book has to end terribly. Its real, and it gets you thinking. I took a half a point off because the ending was a little iffy to me. Don’t get me wrong the ending was beautiful, but I feel as though the resolution was a little unrealistic. But I still loved it!

Thats all for now book trolls I hope you liked this review! You should go read this book! Happy Thursday! And happy reading!


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