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Queen of Shadows Review *Spoilers*

Welcome to the Queen of Shadows review! Sorry this review is so late I wanted to spread out my reviews so that there would be at least one review per month. So sorry about that. I actually finished this book way back in September, and thats even when I made this review. Anyway, lets get on with it!

Queen of shadows

Title: Queen of Shadows, book four in the Throne of glass series

Author: Sarah J Maas

Pages: A number, some 640-ish

Publisher: Bloomsbury

My edition: hardback-I actually got two ones signed from target

Extras/tips: Well it has a map in it, but all of the books i n the series have the same map in them. For tips read Throne of Glass before this one. If you don’t want to read that one then you can jump to Crown of Midnight instead. Oh and before you read this book you should read the prequel The Assassins Blade.

Heads up: this book has some tree-face is dead moments (see tree face is dead post) which means that people die, for better or worse


If you don’t want to be spoiled, which you don’t, then you can scroll down to the bottom to read the everyone review. Again its the same set up as the Lightning Thief review, topics bolded and my opinion. So if you haven’t read the books or if you haven’t read this book scroll to the bottom, spoilers begin now!

Aelin Returns: Okay, so when Aelin returned I thought people would be like ‘hey you’re back how was your trip?’ But no, when she talks to Chaol he’s really mean and acts like the passed few months had been easy for her. Excuse me? Aelin almost got killed numerous times, she had to accept being Aelin, she had to change into fae, face Maeve, and almost die again. Then we find Chaol with Abroyrn and I’m thinking, why are you here?

Saving Aedion: I was so happy when Aelin saved Aedion. But I didn’t care for Abroyrn saying that Aelin had to bring a Valg guard back to him alive as payment. But seeing Aelin and Aedion together again, it was so cute. Then when Aedion got made over the blood oath I felt so bad for him. But when Aelin said he could take the oath anyway I was so happy.

Lysandra: When we first saw Lysandra at Aelin’s door I was so shocked. I read the prequel before I read this book, so I kew there history. But then we meet Evangeline, and she stands at the door about to leave Aelin’s house and she says what Lysnadra did to help free her. We learned so much stuff. Lysandra’s a shape shifter? When I read that I had to re-read to make sure that really happened. The end, I loved how Aelin asked Lysandra to be in her court. So sweet! And Aelin Freed her and Evangeline!

Rowan returns: At first I was really confused because I thought that if Rowan came back he would be stuck in his eagle form. But no, he’s a human! I didn’t even think that was possible, I really thought he would be stuck in his animal form. But I was so happy at this new door Maas gave us in deciding that Rowan would follow Aelin.

Rowan and Aelin: I didn’t know what to think about this at first. In Heir of Fire I really liked Rowan an Aelin’s sibling relationship. But at the same time I like them as a couple. Does this mean they had two mates? Because Rowan met his mate once, and Aelin said that Sam was probably her mate so. . . But I liked how they cared about each other so much.

Aelin and Manon: That was so amazing! When they fought each other and Aelin was making a wyrdmark in the grass but Manon didn’t even know it. And then they were fighting and Rowan saved her, and took a blow to the shoulder. They when Aelin threw Manon into the column and the whole thing started coming apart. Then, then Aelin went back to save Manon! I loved how Manon set Aelin her message-

Witch killer, he is still in there

Your to good of a fighter to let die

Fangirling, fangirling, fangirling!

Okay, okay the ending! My heart has already broken into a thousand tiny little pieces at this point, ad the ending just broke it into more pieces-in a good way. Aelin’s about to die and I’m just thinking Dorian, if you kill her I will kill you! That doesn’t really make sense but oh well. Then she puts the ring on his finger, and he takes the collar off. But then, then, the king claims that he’s really good. But Dorian just goes ahead and kills him anyway. I don’t understand how Aelin and Dorian combined powers, are they also carranam? How does that work? Also, when Aedion and Rowan were bloody and they were just trying to blow up the clock tower and they were acting like brothers I was proud. Originally they were very predatory towards Aelin, as if they wanted to be her protector and only them. But then they were working together. We have Lorcan come in and I was very confused. He helped them for really no good reason, other then Aedion is Graviel’s son. But he also stole the ring back from Dorian, which I wasn’t super mad about but still. . . :/ When Aelin saved the people from Dorian’s explosion I could just picture the pretty glass wall she made.

Lets go rattle the stars

I love that Maas re-introduced that quote into the fourth book

Dorian and Aelin’s ‘friendship’: When I had read the pervious books I really didn’t get the sense that Aelin was friends with Dorian. I mean not romantically but just friends. I the first book we got a little Dorian and in the second book it was all Chaol so I feel that Maas didn’t create an in between with Dorian. A stable friendship, it felt weird and fake when Aelin talked about Dorian being her friend.

Abroyrn: Its not hard to hate Abroyrn, but this book just intensified that hate. I was glad Lysandra killed him, made him choke on his own blood. And Aelin, changed the will, which was absolutely brilliant!

Okay so apparently I’ve spent a good thousand words talking about this book and I’m not even done talking about everything! But I’ll stop and get to the everyone review. If you want to talk to me about this book then I’ll be seeing you in the comments, that sounded weird. . . moving on!

Everyone Review:

Okay so there isn’t much I can tell you about this book-which is the reason there was no summary. But the first book is about an assassin who was in a prison camp for a year and then she got out, but she can only stay out if she wins a competition. It sounds boring and weird, but its really not! I would recommend the series to anyone! For this particular book I’m going to give it  five/five baymaxs.


5/5 Baymaxs, always!

Bye book trolls! Merry Thursday!


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