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I got a Goodreads account! Oh and an explanation of my laziness-lack of TFF

Yep, you read that right I got a Goodreads account. I mentioned in my TBR book tag post that I didn’t have a Goodreads. But I made myself an account on Thursday, or maybe Wednesday? The only bad thing about Goodreads is that I have to go in there and rate all the books I’ve read. Its time consuming, I mean I’m not marking every book I’ve ever read but I don’t want this to happen:

book troll: [sees some books I’ve read on blog (well after the widget is put up XD) ] Hmmmm.  . . I shall not follow this crazed girl any longer, for she has not read Mocking Jay

Me, with mind reading powers or something: Hey! I have too read that book!

I mean that probably won’t happen, but whatever. I’m going to but up a link to my Goodreads in the sidebar soon!

Also, I’m sorry about my lack of Top Five Fridays. I actually have an excuse this time! I just updated my computer for the first time since I got it-about a year-and everything different now. My MacBook Pro went through the ‘change’. You: what??? Yeah I don’t really know, but everything looks different and it took forever to get on Safari. I needed to submit something online so there was that too. So yeah,  thats whats up with me. Oh and also, on Goodreads I made a group called Overgrown Children, if you wanted to check it out. Its basically just people who like cartoons and random stuff. Bye book trolls!


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