weekly recap

Weekly recap

Welcome to this weeks recap! 

Book review/talk I’ll Give You the Sun 

the eight stages of finishing a good book

I only wrote two posts this week *cries* well I did write a late weekly recap on Monday but that doesn’t count. I also missed TTF, but hey I did my third book review for October! Thats fantastic for me, especially because two of the book reviews I made were for books that I actually read this month. The crazies known as midterms have passed, but I have an upcoming deadline for a paper for Model U.N. (Model U.N is the club I’m in where you debate on different topics and take up the view of a certain country. You also have to write position papers for this to see where your country stands, and thats the deadline I have to meet) So don’t take it personally if I don’t post a teaser Tuesday, or just post anything in general. I love you guys but school and clubs and junk come first. Thats why this post is late, and why I haven’t posted in a while. I went over to my friends house for Halloween, and we had to plan everything out, and then I went shopping today and had book club. So yeah, lots of stuff. Also my Luna Lovegood costume was a success, ad I got lots of candy-yes I still go trick or treating, I’m really short and tiny so people probably think I’m ten-although I want to have a Halloween party next year, just need to convince my mom. . . Anyway, thats my weekly recap! Oh, I almost forgot, this week I finished, Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy and I’m almost done reading City of Glass. I was already a hundred pages or so into the book, but I feel accomplished to be almost done anyway. 🙂 Bye for real this time guys! Happy Sunday-its actually saints day if you have any desire to know, I only know because I used to go to catholic school and we always had the day after Halloween off.


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