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Book review/talk: I’ll Give You The Sun

Welcome to my third book review of the month *victory dance* Okay let us get on with this review! 

I'll Give You The Sun

Title: I’ll Give You The Sun

Author: Jandy Nelson

Pages: some 300

Series or stand-alone: Stand-alone


This book is about two twins, Noah and Jude. Noah tells the earlier parts of the story, while Jude tells the later years. When Noah’s telling the story he’s 13-14 years old, and when Jude tells the story its when the twins are 16. Noah is an artist with big dreams. When the twins were younger, Jude was they’re parents favorite. But slowly, the tables turn and Noah’s mom gives him special treatment. Jude is quickly left in the shadows of her brothers artistic abilities.When Noah tells the story, the change is just starting, but when Jude tells the story, everything has already come apart.

We will now be going into a book talk which might include some spoilers. If you intend to read this book *cough, cough* then just read the bolded print, or skip to the final review. 

I usually don’t like books that have different points of view in them. You know sometimes you’ll read one chapter in a book and the next chapter is about/in the POV of another person? That annoys me so, so much! But with this book I was fine with it. I liked how even though the stories had a three year difference, Noah’s story still related to Jude’s. Everything came together at the end, but it didn’t in a way. Now that we’re talking about the ending I must say I think this book needed a few extra pages. I don’t say this in the regular ‘I WANT MORE!’ way but the ending seemed a little rushed. In a couple paragraphs we were supposed to shove down the knowledge that Brian and Noah were ‘together’ and that the twins now lived on a boat. Woah, slow down my mind is slow, I need time to understand this. I also wanted more Oscar and Jude time.  I guess they’re a couple now? I honestly don’t know 😦  Oh *talks about random event in book* I liked the part when Jude is at Gulliermores (don’t know if I spelled that right) and Oscar is going to model for her for the first time. Then Gulliermore says something like ‘god was very drunk when he made Oscore’ XD That part made me laugh out loud, I probably looked so weird laughing into my book. I’m forgetting a lot of stuff 😦  oh well, you’ll just have to point out what I missed in the comments 🙂

Le Everyone Review:

Don’t ask about the le, just felt very french-y. Time to rate the book!

4.5/5 Baymaxs
4.5/5 Baymaxs
Okay, more like 4.9/5 baymaxs but I haven’t picture for 4.9/5 baymaxs yet. Anyway, this was a great book and I would highly recommend it. The different POV’s are done very well, and connect perfectly to each other. This a realistic fiction book, and includes romance as well. Its touching and very unique, so go out and read it. Go, why aren’t you going? Oh, you’re probably wondering why I didn’t give it 5/5 Baymaxs.

You: Um. . . . sure lets go with that

I’ll just ignore that. I gave this 4.5/5 Baymaxs because the ending was a little fast. You know when you read books and the last few pages just seem rushed in there?  Throughout the book the pacing is fine, but towards the end its just sloppy. No, not sloppy, but like the author just wants to get it over with. It was similar to that, although it wasn’t terrible, a couple more pages would have been helpful. 😉

Thats all for my third book review this month! I think every month I’ll try to do two reviews, one that might not be super current and another that is. Thoughts? Suggestions for posts/books to review? Tell me in the comments! Bye! ^.^


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