weekly recap

late weekly recap

Hello everyone, its time to recap last week. And a very weird letter to my readers, a mix between me pretending to write a letter in the 19th century, and writing one in modern day 😛

Random Facts

Teaser Tuesday ~ I’ll Give You The Sun~

Predict My Life Book Tag!

Book review; I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have To Kill You by Ally Carter

Top Five Fridays~Favorite stand-alones~

Five posts not bad right? I also finished I’ll Give You The Sun so I’m pretty happy. But now, a note to my readers-so you!

Dear fellow book trolls,

I regret to inform you of some very unfortunate news. The dreaded ‘tests’ have arrived. In the week of the last, two of these pesky ‘tests’ showed themselves. The first, on Monday, and the second, on Friday. But now I have three of these terrible creations to deal with. Today, I had a french test but it comes in multiple parts. Oh bother! But that is not even the worst part! The other two monstrosities are both tomorrow! Can you believe your eyes, two in one day! So, thus you must understand that this thing known as ‘blogging’ might not be done for a while.


The leader of the pack, Lucia

XD XD XD XD XD Sorry just that was so funny! I should make that a new series or a meme or a tag, or something! I’ll call it, book characters write letters. Okay that name sucks. Thoughts on a name? Should I write more weird letters? Tell me in the comments! Although as I mentioned in the letter, I will be quite busy this week. Bye!


Hows life?

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