top five fridays

Top Five Fridays!

Welcome to Top Five Fridays!
Welcome to Top Five Fridays!

Hello and welcome to the first ever Top Five Fridays post! This Top Five Fridays is about books! I bet you figured that out from the picture, you know because theres books in it, and yeah I’ll stop talking. Anyway, This TFF-Top Five Fridays- is about the little extras authors put in their books that I appreciate. Lets get started. 

Okay guys so this is going to be a countdown to my all time favorite book extra. Are y’all ready for this? Oh no! They were ready for that! *Ahem* nerd moment *ahem* Lego Movie. Sorry about that.


Extra Pictures.


Just look at this. This is from Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson.


Table of contents


This just makes me feel like a little kid again. You know how when you were younger every book had a table of contents.


Creative Chapter titles that don’t give away the chapter at the same time


Would you rather read ‘chapter 15’ or ‘chapter 15; I Wrestle Santa’s Evil Twin’?


Pronunciation Guides

Thats right, books have such a thing. Sarah J Maas you are a genius. P.S. sorry about the lack of pictures on this one, it wouldn’t show up 😛




Just look at that, all that detail. I purposely made this picture bigger so you could see the beauty of it better. That made no sense. Anyway, reading a book with a map gives me a better idea of how the world looks.

Thats all or now book trolls! I hope you liked my first TFF post. Tell me your thoughts in the comments. Also, feel free to do TFF’s along with me, and if you come up with your own then you can do that too! *Side note: if you do that, and got the idea from my blog, please make sure to give me credit for this. I know they’re more things like this out there, and if you came up with something like this beforehand or got the idea somewhere else then don’t give me credit. If you got the idea from here then give me credit. Sorry if that makes zero sense* Bye book trolls, happy Friday for you! Oh and I scheduled this post earlier then usual because I wanted you to be able to make your own TFF posts be the end of the day if you chose to do so. Bye for real this time!


3 thoughts on “Top Five Fridays!”

  1. Pronunciation guides. YES. SO MUCH YES. I always get worried while reading fantasy that I’m thinking the name is pronounced differently than the author intended.

    Loving your new weekly posts. Looking forward to more!

    Liked by 1 person

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