ACOTAR 2 has a title!



Okay, so if you don’t know what ACOTAR is then I will ask where have you been. Lucia, thats mean! How are we supposed to keep up with your fangirling if you never show us your fingerling side?

Fine, so thats mean. Sorry. Let me explain, ACOTAR-A Court Of Thorns And Roses-is by Sarah J Maas. *We’re now going into summary mode, if you’ve already read ACOTAR, or know what it’s about then scroll down until you the words ‘ACOTAR 2 title’ in bold* 

It is a fairy tale re-telling of Beauty and the Beast. Theres Fae land, and mortal land. Feyre, is human, and is quite poor. Since her mother died, Feyre has been supporting her family. Her family consists of two older sisters and a crippled father. One day, Feyre kills a wolf in the forest that turns out to be  Fae. Killing Fae is strictly against the rules that keeps the two worlds from mixing . Days after her kill, Feyre is taken by a great big Fae beast. She has two options upon his arrival; leave her home and live with him forever, or be killed on the spot. Feyre would rather have herself killed then go with him, but the beast eventually convinces her. The first installment of these books, ACOTAR has action, adventure, romance, and more.

ACOTAR 2 Title 

Okay, so Sarah said the title in her newsletter. The title is:

A Court Of Mist And Fury 

Lets talk about this title, shall we?

Hmmmm. . . I’m not sure if I like this title to be honest. It sounds like the name for a sports movie. I can see it now:

Coach: [standing in front of football team] I know you’ve had your struggles. But we are going to go out there and play our hardest! Are you with me?!

Team: YES!

Cuts to dramatic close up of an athletes face

Athlete: I can’t do this coach, I just can’t. You’ll have to go on without me

Coach: You can do this I believe in you

Voiceover: See A Court Of Mist And Fury in theaters on November 4th, this film is not yet rated

Do you see it? Or is it just me? I mean the titles not terrible in my opinion, maybe I just thought the title would be related to flowers again. Thoughts? Do you like the title? Have you read ACOTAR? Did you like it? Any predictions about ACOMAF? Let me know in the comments! If you want to read the newsletter where I got all the title for book 2 then you can click here, or here, or here.  You should check it out, she also talks about what she’s reading, as well as Halloween candy in this issue. So, if you like things like that, or like Maas’s work then I suggest signing up to receive e-mails when Mass makes new newsletters. Thats all for now book trolls bye!


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