teaser tuesday

Teaser Tuesday!

teaser tuesday

Hello everyone! Sorry this is slightly late. I didn’t schedule this. Anyway, todays Teaser Tuesday is for. . . Beauty Queens! 

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the rules!

Grab your current read-or as I’m bending this rule, a currently finished read

Flip to a random page and include two ‘teaser’ sentences. NO SPOILERS!!!!


LadyBird Hope: No! We said “Crack is wack!” and we made sure everyone could have guns instead of drugs. Back before the British were our friends, and they had a , mean king who made us pay too much tax instead of just having hot princes who go to nightclubs, they wanted to keep us from bringing freedom to the people of Mexico and making it a state, and George Washington had to chop down a cherry tree and write the “Star-Spangled Banner”and thats the reason we fought World War 2, and why we keep fighting, because those freedom-hating people out there want to take away our right to be rich and good-lookin’ and have gated communities and designer sweatpants like the ones from my LadyBird Hope Don’t Sweat It line, and they want us all to learn to speak mµslim and let the lawyers stop us from teaching about Adam and Eve and that will be the day that every child gets left behind.

Libba Bray, Beauty Queens, page 57-58, LadyBird Hope

If you guys didn’t understand you should really read the book its hilarious! You won’t regret it! Thats all for now Book Trolls! Sorry this is at 9 at night or whatever time it is in your general region. Bye, bye, bye!


3 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday!”

    1. Thanks! As I was reading the book I got to that part and was thinking ‘I have to make this a teaser tuesday, its just to god to pass up’. I mean its just so funny how she’s rambling on and Barry’s all like ‘umm. . . yeah I don’t think thats right’.

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