Evidence# 2 We talked to Ms. Pennyfeater’s Grandson, a musician

Welcome book trolls to the second evidence# first one HERE I hope you all got the password okay. I’m sorry about any confusion this may have caused I just thought it would be cool to try out. Anyway, heres to the skit.


Perviously, we talked to Ms. Pennyfeater’s dog walker Lucia ____ (throughout all her talking she wouldn’t give us her last name) She told us that she has ADHD, likes to read, and that she has a blog called Reading with Lucia. Her blog was created on a site called WordPress, and when we asked to have her user name and password for this site she refused. Now, we are talking to Ms Pennyfeater’s grandson Sam who is a ‘musician’ .

Officer: So your name is Sam and your a musician?

Sam: Yes thats correct sir

Officer: what kind of musician are you?

Sam: I’m a country singer, I like singing about girls and trucks

Officer: I’ll have to put that in your files

Sam: Wait, no don’t put that I was just kidding. I play the flute

Officer: The Flute?

Sam: The flute, I’m in the orchestra 

Officer: well thats good to know, you wouldn’t know anything about your grandmothers dog walker would you?

Sam: Oh yeah I know lots about her, she’s my sisters best friend. We talk sometimes. I know that she talks a lot, she listens to Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons, the works. She’s very energetic, and likes to give people pennies for no real reason .

Officer: And what about you? Any thing we should know?

Sam: Yeah, I have fancy tea parties, and every Thursday night I watch a movie about monkeys.

Officer: Thank you for your corporation, Lucia-the dog walker didn’t share much

Sam: I hate to break it to you but I was being sarcastic, everything I told you about myself except that I play the flute is inaccurate. 

Officer: Does anyone take this case seriously?

Sam: It doesn’t seem so

Officer: *Sigh* you can go know, thank you

Thats all for now everyone! Bye book trolls.


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