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My book issues

Hello everyone happy Saturday! I went to Old Navy today to get my clothes for my costume(Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter). I also watched some book tube videos-if you don’t know what book tube is, its basically fangirl/boy central for books. just go to you tube and look up book reviews-and I was watching this one book tuber go to Target to get a book. This book tuber realized that all these great books were coming out that day. And I’m like, wait. . . those books are out now?! I. . . I want them now! But past me thought this:

Lucia, you’re going to preorder QOS and spent all your Barnes and Noble gift cards when Winter comes out in November. 

Now present me is thinking:

But. . .but I wouldn’t spend that much money, besides November book shopping will turn into Christmas shopping, so I really won’t be getting myself a lot of books. Which means that this is my right. I have waited since February. 

When I try to reason and think about all the books, I just can’t. I can’t even think about these books. You know, I was feeling pretty good about life in general. Schools not super crazy-yet-and my Halloween costume is about 90% done which is a big shock (I usually rush and get it done the week before Halloween). But now. . . now I don’t even know what to do. I NEED TO READ THESE BOOKS! I NEED THEM ON MY SHELFS, AND I NEED TO READ THEM ASAP! I realized that I’ll so slow when it comes to reading, some people will say I read 13 books this month. I’m thinking HOW? I finish 3-4 books per month, unless its summer or its winter break or something. My TBR list is probably past a hundred books, and I can’t deal with this! UGH! Bye book trolls thanks for listening to me rant and talk about my issues.


3 thoughts on “My book issues”

  1. 13 books in a month?! That’s like a book every two days! dies I can barely manage reading 1-2 books a month given how slow I read and all the other things that I enjoy doing that take up time! Goodness! But you can do it! Hold out until November and it’ll be a great reward to have stayed strong!

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