Books and other things

Hello everyone! For this post I’ll be talking about books and other things. I realize that some weeks I don’t even talk about books. I feel like I should talk more about what I’m reading, books I have my eye on, or just books in general. Now I know you could say Lucia, just make more Teaser Tuesdays. But I don’t want to do the same book twice in a row. Even though I’m leaning towards that idea. Anyway, I think in my weekly recaps I’ll start to include a reading recap as well. So, basically, I’ll sum up my posts, and take a second to also sum up what I’ve read. This way, for those of you that follow my blog for the books and writing, you’ll receive that every week-hopefully. But, just know that I do like to just write about my life. Bye for now book trolls! Be happy, its Friday!


One thought on “Books and other things

Hows life?

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