weekly recap

Slightly late Weekly recap

Sorry book trolls  I’ve been busy. I went on a field trip on Friday and I’m going on one on the sixth. Both the field trips fall on B days, so I haven’t had gym, math, english, history, or computer science (STEM class about programing and other stuff) since Wednesday of last week. So I’m staying after school tomorrow-the sixth-and Thursday (for a Model UN club meeting). Anyway, I’ll stop rambling and recap last week.

Fall- a post about my love for fall

A little random poem post, a new series called simple poems. The poem/post has no title

17 countries and counting-post about all the countries that’ve stopped by!

Thats all for now! I’m going to try and post tomorrow. I’ve been meaning to post a new skit post-unrelated to evidence #-for a while its just time! It doesn’t really exist but it drives me crazy! You didn’t know time doesn’t exist? Well it doesn’t we just made it up. Its complex. Sorry, I’m going to stop now and take a shower. Bye! Much luck with life! ^.^


Hows life?

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