Hey guys I really want to do a Q&A but if I did would you guys actually ask me questions? Get back to me soon guys! If you guys want to ask me questions for this Q&A then ask away in the comments! Bye, I hope you guys ask me some questions.


5 thoughts on “Q&A?”

      1. Bookmarks, or doggy ears?
        If you can ship yourself with any fictional character, who would you choose?
        Do you see yourself writing a book some day?
        4.If you could only what genre, what would it be?
        5.If there was a book of your life, would you read the ending? Why?
        How many books do you have? (in total–not including eBooks)
        What are other hobbies, besides reading & reviewing books?
        What is the most influential book you have ever read?
        If you were a villain from your favorite book, who would you be?
        If you had the opportunity to change the ending of any book, which would it be, and how would you change it?
        11.When do you get big book hauls, how do you fit your books on your shelves?
        If you could bring back one dead fictional character, who would it be?
        Do you like poetry? Why not?
        About how long does it take you to read one book?
        Since 2016 is near, do you have any new year resolutions?
        Tell us 5 interesting facts about yourself.
        10 pet peeves about romance/relationships in novels.
        Hope it helps. I’m really curious to read your answers. 😀

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