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Since You’ve Been Gone the book review *Spoiler Free*

Hey everyone, I’m catching up on reviews finally! I feel like I don’t make enough reviews, but reviews also take a lot of time. Anyway, for this review I’m going to do a little more then usual. Lets get on with it!

Unknown-3Author: Morgon Matson

Stand alone or series: Stand alone

Pages:  480 in paperback

Publisher : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Extras/tips: The book has a bonus picture. In a paperback copy the picture is on the first page, and in a hardback the picture is on the book jacket. No tips.


Since You’ve Been Gone is about two friends,Sloane and Emily. Emily is usually referred to as ‘Sloane’s friend’ but she doesn’t mind. Sloane is the outgoing one, she can solve problems with ease. Emily relies on Sloane to be there for her. Sloane just has it all, a big house, a care free attitude, she even goes to elaborate parties with her parents. But then Sloane disappears with no explanation. At first Emily isn’t worried, sometimes Solane would just leave and come back a week later. But then, after two weeks Emily gets worried. She thinks she’ll never find Sloane until she gets the letter. Sometimes Sloane would send her letters with lists of things to do, thats exactly what this letter was. Emily is convinced that by completing the list she will get closer to finding Sloane. With the help of unlikely friends, can Emily find Sloane?

The check list:

Okay so I told you that was going to add something to my reviews. This is it. The check list is basically a run through of certain components that this book has. Here we go!

  1. Relatable characters
  2. Solid believable friendships
  3. Romance
  4. Humor
  5. Flashbacks from when Sloane and Emily were together

Thats the check list. I might keep that part in the review I might not, I might only have the checklist in certain reviews.


This was a really good book and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Overall, 5/5 Baymaxs-I think I’m going to replace stars with Baymaxs, if you don’t understand watch Big Hero 6.

Thats all for now book trolls, bye!


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