Evidence #1: We talk with Mrs. Pennyfeater’s dog walker

Hello there! I’m going to write a skit for you today! As I am probably just getting in my house now this is a scheduled post. P.S. I pushed the regular post time back an hour for international book trolls, but the time is still subject to change. I miss writing little skits, I mean I didn’t write very big ones before but I wrote ones like how to avoid spoilers and one about authors killing off characters. *So, Lucia do you have a point?* Yes, yes I have a point, I’m going to make a whole bunch of new posts called evidence #_. These posts will be skits as I mentioned earlier, and will talk about a certain thing relating to me or things that pop into my head. I might also make it seem like police are talking to me-note the evidence part of the title. So, lets begin!

top-secret-1239728Evidence #1 

We talked with Mrs. Pennyfeater’s neighbor and dog walker, Lucia. Age range: teen. Siblings: two younger brothers. Lucia runs a small blog called readingwithlucia.wordpress.com. When we asked for her username and password for the site she runs her blog on-a site known as wordpress-she refused. The conversation is recorded below.

Officer: Ms. I repeat, we will not make changes to your blog. So can you please give us the username and password information for your vord press account?

Lucia: I’m sorry officer but I’m not familiar with vord press, word press yes but vord press no. And besides, I don’t see why you would be needing my word press account anyway. Hmm, perhaps you’re jealous of my 35 followers. Wait is it 35 followers or 36? I don’t know maybe its 34. *She’s an uptown girl living in an uptown don’t know the words!*

Officer: Ms. will you please sit still and stop singing 

Lucia: I can’t, I forgot to mention earlier but I have ADHD, and I woke up late today so I didn’t want to take my medicine because if I did then I would be awake all night. So yeah, I’ve got tons of energy though. Hey do you like the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan? I do, well I mean I just started book four-which has a name by the way so if you’re talking to hard core fans they’ll yell at you for calling it book four-so I mean anyway, I don’t really know how much I like the series but so far so good. Also do you like the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas? I do its one of my favorite series. 

Officer: Wait you have ADHD? This is crucial information why didn’t you share this with us earlier? And you need to stop changing subjects. Keep that in mind for the next time, because are time is up. Next time I expect some answers, okay?

Thats all for the very first evidence#_! I’ll work on a correct name for it later. I hope you guys liked it, I might try to weave it into a more complex story. Bye book trolls merry hump day!


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