fascination fridays

Fascination Fridays

Hey everyone, I hope you are having a great day. I would like to apologize about the time if you live internationally. Since school started I had to push back the time of my posts. Even now, this post has been scheduled in advance. I’m trying to get used to school again, waking up early the usual. Anyway, to the point of the post please! I don’t know if you guys know but some bloggers do book memes. Book memes are different things to write about each week, on tuesdays you might write about top ten overhyped books you haven’t read, or on a wednesday you might write about a book you’re looking forward to coming out. So, I decided to make my own book meme called Fascination Fridays-sorry about the long name a lot of the good names were taken. Fascination Fridays is about book worlds or even book characters that fascinate you. Each week there’ll be a new topic to write about. Lets begin:6685124-stack-of-books_Fotor

Todays topic is…


Thats right fascination to villains. So what villains am I fascinated with? Well the list is below:

  1. Maleficent

Why? Maleficent is just so cool. In the Original Disney movie one of my favorite parts is when none of Maleficent’s henchmen can find the princess after nearly sixteen years. When Maleficent asked them about it they say that they’ve searched every carriage and every baby cradle. Maleficent laughs and calls them an imbosol, because all this time they’ve been looking for a baby.

2. You know I can’t remember but anyone with cool powers šŸ˜‰

Thats all for now book trolls! If you want feel free to participate in Fascination Fridays, the more the merrier! Also, if you do this fascination friday then I will definitely come and check out your answers šŸ˜‰


Hows life?

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